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History of the foundry

Increasing need for farming equipment incentivized the construction of the factory. This dates back to 1880 when a blacksmith named Jan Pracner established a smithy in Roudnice nad Labem. Due to the great success of the smithy, the establishment expanded. In 1885, with capital investment from his partner Rudolf Bacher, a gray iron foundry was built.

In 1891 the two partners agreed to separate, and in 1900 Rudolf Bächer expanded the company by building a new steel mill (2 martin furnaces with 9 and 12 t capacity). At the same time, the production of anvils started, which continues to this day.

In the present form the steel foundry exists from 1959. From 1984 the foundry produces ductile cast iron and from 2007 produces gray cast iron.

During the years the foundry underwent the changes in ownership (Bächer, Agrostroj, Agrozet, ROSS, RIPSL).

Since 2005 the foundry has been under the name Mencl Guss, Ltd.