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Production Technologies

HUNTER molding line

An automatic frameless molding line, based up a Hunter forming machine with a jacket size of 600 × 800 300/300, pouring lines, cooling tunnel, vibrating grate, own sand silo with sand mixer DISA and vibrofluid fridge. The production line is computer controlled. It produces castings weighing from 3 kg to 70 kg.

Sandthrower with a spatula frames

  • Forming of bentonite mix
  • Frame size: 1000 × 1200mm
  • Casting Weight: 300 kg
  • Medium series


The furan castings are produced from both steel, ductile and gray iron weighing from 25 to 1800 kg.

The forms are produced from a self-hardening mix with furan resin. The form mix is made by a mixer, a product of WÖHR 25 t / h 1SS. We form into a frame size of 600 × 600 to 2200 × 2200 mm. Model equipment for unit production is free wooden model. For larger series is used a wooden model on the boards. These boards are placed on automatic tracks, a product of Axman. Removal of the castings and sand regeneration are provided with the technology from GUT.

Aggregate furnaces

The foundry is equipped with an electric arc furnace OTO 3 with a capacity of 4 - 5,5 t liquid metal.

Additionally, the foundry is equipped with a crucible induction furnace with a capacity of 2 t + 0,5 t.

Production of cores

  • Manual production of cores
  • In co-operation - the core system Cold-box

Surface finish

  • Steel shot blasting machine (hanging blaster, drum blaster)
  • Hand blasting (blasting chamber)
  • Grinding (shuttle grinder, hand grinding and sanding rack)
  • Priming of castings
  • Application of a corrosion inhibitor

Heat treatment

Heat treatment of castings is carried out in gas furnaces. The furnaces are as follow:
a tunnel conveyor furnace, a chamber furnace and a carousel furnace.

  • Annealing furnace - normalization
    (continuous annealing furnace, conveyer annealing furnace for casting of size 4 × 5 m)
  • Metal heat treatment – hardening is carried out in cooperation with our partners